ROSSOPIU’ originates from the authentic Emilian tradition. The outcome of an advanced technique of refinement in barrels of selected wood types, handed down generation by generation to obtain a unique and inimitable result.


Nero Essenza

Nero Essenza - 250ml

Ambrato Dolce

Ambrato Dolce - 250ml

Bianco Vivace

Bianco Vivace - 250ml


Traditional DOP

Traditional Modena DOP - 100ml

Family Reserve

Family Reserve - 100ml

Juniper Reserve

Juniper Reserve - 100ml

Cherry Reserve

Cherry Reserve - 100ml


“Tradition”, “Quality”, “Excellence”, values at the base of the brand Rossopiù, to which we added “Innovation” to create a truly unique product.


The place where we keep our most precious product and the traditional methods are guaranteed by the extreme expertise and cure of our Master Acetaio (vinegar maker). 

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Via Gatti, 4
41043 Formigine (MO)

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