The place where we keep our most precious product and the traditional methods are guaranteed by the extreme expertise and cure of our Master Acetaio (vinegar maker). 

About 600 barrels of refined wood types, arranged in batches of 5/6 elements, all diverse in dimensions, ordered from bigger to smaller. Inside them, with passage of time between 12 to 25 years and over, the “Balsamico” refines its unique and inimitable flavour. 

At the border between the two provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena, lands rich of history and ancient traditions, legendary locations where ancient families transmitted their batches of barrels with their precious nectars for centuries. The “batteria”(batch) used to be the dowry that the daughter would bring as spouse at wedding time. It represented also a reserve of vitamins and rich nutriments for debilitated people, women and children.

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